How to choose an airport transfer service

When getting to and from the airport it is important that you choose a reliable and affordable service. We provide an airport transfer service for Cardiff Airport from Swansea and surrounding areas. We understand how crucial it is for our customers to arrive or be picked up on time.

If you are looking for an airport transfer service then your options are either public transport, or private taxi. Using public transport is not always easy as airports are located outside of the main city and if you arrive late you could find that your options are very limited.

Public transport is also prone to delays and travelling with large amounts of luggage is very uncomfortable and difficult.

Instead, most people seeking airport transfers between Swansea and Cardiff airport opt for a private taxi service, for peace of mind and comfort. You can be taken door to door at the times you want to travel. There is no waiting for trains and buses and no dragging suitcases along station platforms.

When you are choosing which taxi service to use there are a few things that you should take into consideration, to avoid being let down or having any last minute panics. You should always choose a taxi service with a large fleet of cars and drivers. If you choose a very small company and a driver is off sick for the day, then they may not have a replacement driver to make your journey. At Swallow Travel with have a large fleet of cars, so even if a driver can’t make it to work one day we will always be able to find cover to fulfil all our bookings.

You should also choose a local company with drivers that really know the area. At certain times getting in and out of Swansea will take a lot longer than others, especially if there are road works. If you tell us what time you need to be at the airport we will advise you on what time you should leave, so if you catch rush hour you still get to the airport when you want to.

Find a company that specialises in airport transfers so they know all the routes. At Swallow Travel we regularly take people to and from Cardiff airport. If there are any unexpected hold ups on the journey, we will be able to take you a different route and get you there on time, rather than sitting and waiting in traffic. Give us a call to book your airport transfer today.

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