Why Taxis Make The Best Airport Transfer Service

At Swallow Travel in Swansea we help many customers get to and from Cardiff Airport. We provide a fast, affordable airport transfer service that is reliable and efficient.

Getting to the airport on time is vital when you have a flight booked. Not only will missing your flight be a great inconvenience, it will also be very expensive. Even if you cut it fine it is very stressful to have to rush through an airport and can really ruin your travelling experience.

Relying on public transport is not recommended for a stress-free airport transfer. All sorts of things can go wrong and cause delays to trains and coach services. If you are stuck on a train or a coach then there is not much that you do in order to speed up your journey. You are stuck waiting for whatever the fault is to be fixed.

At Swallow Travel we know all the routes between Swansea and Cardiff Airport so well that even if there is a hold up on the roads we will be able to go an alternative route and ensure you get to the airport on time.

Of course, planes do not always run on time either. If your plane is getting in late to Cardiff Airport, then it is likely that you will find a very limited choice of public transport available. You may also feel uncomfortable calling on friends and family to come and collect you at a late hour. In these circumstances a taxi is by far the easiest and safest option for an airport transfer service.

Friends and family can not always be the most reliable for taking you to and from the airport. Work or family commitments can mean last minute cancellations, or they may not have the same sense of time keeping and urgency as you do. At Swallow Travel we always turn up on time and have a large fleet of cars, so if anything does go wrong we can quickly rectify it.

If you are looking to travel between Swansea and Cardiff Airport, get in touch and we will ensure you have a problem-free trip.

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